Real Estate

Buying and Selling a Home

To answer a question we’re regularly asked at our kids’ soccer games, grocery stores and cocktail parties: yes, you need a lawyer to buy or sell a house. At OWZW, we understand that your home is often your largest investment and greatest asset, and we’re here to help with all aspects of buying, selling and mortgage financing. We can help with that summer house at the lake or retirement property you’ve always been dreaming of, too.

We prepare and/or review all documents in your real estate transition as well as provide practical advice through all steps of the sale or purchase process. If you need advice about real estate or real estate financing – advice that doesn’t sound like it’s in a foreign language – we help with that, too.

For assistance, please contact any lawyer on our residential real estate team: Randy Sandbeck, Q.C.Greg Irvine, Matthew Park or Lindsay Oliver.