Practice Areas

Credit Union Law

At OWZW we are proud of our roots in the co-operative and credit union system. We offer expertise to credit unions in all facets of law applicable to credit unions and banking. OWZW currently provides legal services to numerous credit unions as well as to Credit Union Central and Credit Union Deposit Guarantee Corporation. We also offer advice and support to the credit union system through periodic seminars, Lending Information Bulletins (part of the Credit Union Lending Security Guide) and standardized deposit and lending documentation.

Our experienced credit union team members are Randy Sandbeck, Q.C.Pat Quaroni, Q.C.Shelley JoyceGreg Irvine, and Lindsay Oliver, who are further supported by members of our Business LawDebtor/Creditor & Insolvency LawLabour Law and Employment Law teams. We keep abreast of changes to all legislation and regulation relating to banking, financing, secured transactions, governance, human resources and debt collection as well as updates to The Credit Union Act, 1998 and regulations, Privacy legislation and Anti-Money Laundering legislation.

We help credit unions with:

  • Financing transactions
  • Application for credit and approval process
  • Advancement of funds
  • Security assessment
  • Preparation and registration of all necessary loan and security documentation
  • Debt collection (including realization of security, foreclosure, receivership, bankruptcy)
  • Development and implementation of business policies and strategies (operations, lending, loss prevention, collection)
  • Policy development and staff training
  • Harassment and anti-violence policies
  • Strategic advice related to discipline, terminations with and without cause and severance
  • Workplace reorganization
  • Bylaws and governance
  • Mergers
  • Account opening and deposit related services
  • Fraud related matters.

Our team regularly appears before all levels of Saskatchewan courts and statutory tribunals and regualrly participates in alternate dispute resolutions processes. We would be pleased to put this experience to work for your credit union.