Practice Areas

Business Law

Whether you are a part of a large corporation with multifaceted legal needs, a small business owner who needs legal advice from time to time or you run a sole proprietorship and need to ensure all your i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, the Business Law group at OWZW can help. Our team, Randy Sandbeck, Q.C.Perry Erhardt, Q.C., Matthew ParkJessica Waller and Nicole Hamm, also offers assistance to multinational corporations who require experts in Saskatchewan business law you need.

Our extensive experience with business law helps us understand clients’ objectives and find solutions to ensure your goals are achieved. The OWZW Business Law group can help with the ins and outs of corporate directorships and can share our extensive knowledge of corporate governance principles, duties and responsibilities.

Some of the additional areas in which we offer assistance include:


  • Business formations and organizations, including corporations of both for profit and not for profit corporations, charities, joint ventures and partnerships.
  • ​Corporate maintenance, registration and general services

Commercial Transactions

  • Advising on and negotiating acquisitions and sales of business assets
  • Advising on and negotiating acquisitions and sales of shares
  • Reviewing and advising on various types of contracts and leases
  • Preparation of shareholders agreements
  • Franchising opportunities
  • Merges, acquisitions and take overs


  • Real property and personal property financing and securitization
  • Banking and Credit Union financing
  • Frafting loan and security agreements and documentation


  • Private financing
  • Public equity and debt offerings
  • Prospectus and offering memorandum preparation
  • Rights, options and warrants
  • Registered SEDAR Filer
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements

Reorganizations and Restructurings

  • Business succession planning
  • Debt restructuring negotiations
  • Debt to equity conversions
  • Corporate reorganizations
  • Consolidation of operations
  • Alternatives to receivership and liquidation