Articling Student Opportunities

At OWZW, articling students are called part of the team (not…research monkey…photocopying supervisor… lackey… grunt… peon… minion…and certainly not “hey you”). As an articling student with OWZW, you’ll get to work on your own billable files with clear direction from senior, attentive lawyers in an array of practice areas. (BTW, we believe in our one-team approach so much that we invite you to talk with our current associates to find out more.) You’ll also be introduced to as many opportunities as possible to help you develop and grow in your own career.

So, if you want to work at a law firm where the employers treat you like the lawyer you will become and where the work/life balance is the reality rather than the sales pitch, then take the next step. OWZW participates in the articling student recruitment and interview process administered annually (typically in May) by the U of S College of Law. Look for our articling position posting on the College of Law's website. If OWZW sounds like the firm where you would like to build your career we encourage you to reply to our posting and send us your application.